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SOUND INVESTMENT: Disney Reaping Benefits of Avengers & Marvel Purchase

In talking to Businessweek, Disney Chairman Robert Iger sang the praises of the company's over $4 billion purchase of Marvel, which was deemed controversial at the time. With the success of The Avengers... not so much.
Said Iger, "Avengers’ I think speaks volumes in terms of, not only the value of Marvel, but the value that Marvel can create long- term. We sit here today with a very clear blueprint about how to create more value from Marvel over the years. Value that I believe will far exceed what we paid for Marvel a few years ago.”

There are, of course, massive merchandise plans in store for The Avengers, from store shelves to theme parks. Explained Iger, “The creative process is best served by having a goal to just making something great, and if it happens to be something that works worldwide or something that spans multiple businesses here, or something that will live forever in multiple ways, fantastic. Making a great movie is a difficult thing. I believe that we would only make it more difficult if we told all the movie makers that you have to check every box before we do this.”
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