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THANOS: Kevin Feige & Joss Whedon on the Newest Addition to the Marvel Movie Universe - SPOILERS

As anyone who has seen The Avengers is well aware at this point, one of the tags at the end of the film features the Marvel Comics villain Thanos, which both Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon discussed during press interviews.
Says writer/director Whedon, "[Thanos] for me is the most powerful and fascinating Marvel villain. He's the great grand daddy of the badasses and he's in love with death, and I just think that's so cute. For me, the greatest Avengers was The Avengers annual that Jim Starlin did followed by The Thing 2 in 1 that containe the death of Adam Warlock. Those were some of the most important texts and I think underrated milestones in Marvel history, and thanos is all over that. So somebody had to be in controla nd had to be behind Loki's work and I was, like, 'It's got to be Thanos.' And they said, 'Okay,' and I'm, like, 'Oh my God.'"

Adds Feige, "During the premiere, there were two guys behind me, I don't know who they were, when Thanos turned around they went, 'Oh my God, it's that... What's his name? I can't remember his name, but he's that... Oh my God.' So you know clearly in the way it's presented, it's somebody important, so 'ask somebody.'"

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