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HE IS ADOPTED: People Need to Lighten Up!

America has gone way too politically correct given the ridiculous amount of controversy that is brewing over an exchange within The Avengers regarding Loki's killing spree and the fact that he is regarded. Some have actually found this offensive. Really?

Here's what the Washington Times says: "The lame joke at the expense of adopted kids in the movie The Avengers isn’t just mean, it’s something perhaps worse: unfunny. The Avengers has scored big at the box office. However, it has fallen flat with an increasingly number of child advocates across America. The reason? This exchange in the film: The Black Widow character says, "[Loki] killed 80 people in two days." Then Thor, Loki's brother, replies, "He's adopted."

"Ha, ha. That’s the laugh line. Whether you have a child who is adopted or not, the fact is the line just isn’t that funny. Outrage is ping ponging across the blogosphere, raising the ire of adoptive parents in particular. Some parents who took their children to the movie now report online that their kids were stunned that being adopted was somehow “bad.” These parents say they had a lot of explaining to do to wash away the stain — and in some cases, pain — caused by the line."

Okaaaaay.... give me a break! First of all, the line above is taken completely out of context. Bruce Banner is commenting on the fact that you can smell the crazy on Loki, to which Thor replies that he should mind his tongue as he is speaking about an Asgardian and his brother. Black Widow gives the line, "He killed 80 people in two days," to which Thor replies, "He is adopted."

In other words, for those among us too sensitive to recognize it, don't lump he and Loki together when it comes to homicidal rage because they're not from the same gene pool.

That's it.

It was NOT an indictment against adoption, and it should be pretty obvious to anyone truly listening and not sitting there ready to embrace a cause and stir up some controversy.

This kind of thing just makes my eye twitch!
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