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Syfy's David Howe Discusses U.S. Version of Being Human

In an interview with, Syfy president David Howe discussed the American version of the hit BBC series, Being Human (which, of course, is about a vampire, werewolf and ghost that share a London flat and are desperately trying to retain their humanity despite what they are).
According to Howe, the transition for the show hasn't been an easy one. "I think it's very difficult to adapt," he said. "I think it seems easy, but so much of that show depends on the chemistry and execution and otherwise it could really easily go off the rails. We hired some great writers and they are in the midst of adapting it and we're hoping to have it on the air in the summer.

"I think the biggest challenge," he added, "is how much do you take from it that's there. Where are you getting repetitive and derivative and how do you not retread? We talked a lot about the U.K. Office and the American Office. So we're about making it our own and yet holding on to what's great about the original."
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great stuff ed. just found out the second season doesnt start here til late summer. they shouldnt do an american version, people should just watch the true version on bbc america.
superdog - 4/1/2010, 2:21 PM
Dog@ 100% agreed......the second series is awesome and far better than the first :D
teabag - 4/5/2010, 5:50 AM
One correction - The show is set in Bristol, not London. I point this out because I was born there and grew up not far away. So you can imagine how much I geeked out when George pushed Herrick in the hospital at the end of S1 and Herrick said "Is that it? I get worse on a friday night in Broadmead!" Broadmead is an area in the city centre and I have (quickly) walked past many a drunk clubber stupidly trying to start a fight with a copper on a friday night. They probably wouldn't if they thought the copper might be a vampire though...
Bobsuncorp - 8/7/2010, 2:55 PM

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