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Narnia taking book liberties!

Video: A mysterious little girl has been sited at the Cleveland film shoot in full costume on board ship! There is NO mention of any other girl in the book "Voyage of the Dawn Treader" besides Lucy, so who is this?
The mysterious little girl (nicknamed by Narnia fans as "The MLG", a play on Caspian's "The DLF") jumped overboard on camera with mixed reactions from the other characters. Popular theories as to who this girl is range from a freed slave to a lord's daughter. Original story below.

"Over the past two days we’ve seen pictures of a mysterious little girl aboard the Dawn Treader.

Tamara has posted what might be the most intriguing video we’ve seen from the filming of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader yet. In it is the mysterious little girl and a man we are quite sure is Rhince. Based on the video, we believe this to be “Gael” whom we first heard whispers about a couple months ago through a casting call. Apparently she sees her mother off in the distance and throws herself overboard with Rhince right behind her. Check it out here.:

Who is this "Gael"? She certainly wasn't in the book. We must conclude that she is yet another "plot bunny" that stories pick up along the way in their metamorphosis from books into movies. Yet we mustn't shun plot bunnies, for it isn't their fault. They must be nurtured and respected as the cute little hopping entities they are, dedicated to making a film more interesting and the story unexpected.

As a hopelessly starved Narnia shipper, the first thing that popped into MY head was "HECKYAYS ANOTHER GIRL!!!", then I promptly started daydreaming about whether to ship her with Edmund or Eustace.

I decided on Edmund.
3 Yes
0 No

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