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Firefly to become a comicbook

Jos Whedon's short lived t.v. show turned movie now gets a comicbook sequel.
As you may recall, Joss Whedons short lived television show Firefly was also made into a movie titled Serenity. It follows the adventures of the crew of a spaceship who travel around the galaxy smuggling various items and operating outside the law. Now the movie will get a follow up/sequl Comic Book. Patton Oswald, a stand up comedian who is probably best known for his role on King of Queens, will be writing the comic. Oswald had a small role on Whedons recently cancelled show Dollhouse. It was there, that after meeting with Whedon, that he got permission for the comic. The comic will be released by Darkhorse in June. Follow the attached link for a full interview with Patton.

Patton Oswald

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