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Was the finale a success or a failure? What about the series as a whole? Follow the jump to find out Superdog's thoughts on the ending of an era.
superdog - 5/24/2010

Follow the jump for the details
superdog - 5/20/2010

Twentieth Century Fox announces release date and plot detailes about newest Apes flick.
superdog - 5/7/2010

Check out the trailer for the fish feeding frenzy
superdog - 4/26/2010

Steven Spielberg's latest T.V. project about time travel gets 13 episode commitment
superdog - 4/20/2010

The creator of Family Guy and American Dad now moving to the big screen
superdog - 4/13/2010

The novels turned hit t.v. show now set to become a comic book.
superdog - 4/3/2010

Record comicbook sale puts Superman back on top.
superdog - 3/30/2010

A new Steven King novel, kept secret for months, is set to debut in time for baseball season.
superdog - 3/30/2010

Jos Whedon's short lived t.v. show turned movie now gets a comicbook sequel.
superdog - 3/26/2010

The strange mash-up Pride and Prejudice and Zombies gets a prequel
superdog - 3/26/2010

The new comicbook by Stephen King gets an early review from Entertainment Weekly
superdog - 3/18/2010

According to Ian Mckellen filming on the long awaited adaptation will begin this July
superdog - 3/18/2010

A person who claims to have an inside source spills the beans on the secrets and ending of the show.
superdog - 3/17/2010

An online Battlestar Galactica game is in the works.
superdog - 3/16/2010