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James Bond Author Jeffrey Deaver Reflects on Carte Blanche

James Bond has successfully hit the Best Seller's list again with Carte Blanche, and thriller writer Jeffrey Deaver is the one who brought him there with an adventure that reboots the Bond character in the modern era, but nonetheless represents Ian Fleming's vision of 007.
In an interview with the New Zealand Herald, Deaver, a best selling author in his own right, explained why he would want to take on Bond. "I was so influenced by Ian Fleming's original Bond books. I read my first one aged 8 and loved the knight errant aspect of him. It was exciting stuff for a young boy and later I used Fleming's approach to craft the characters in my own writing.

"I wanted to make it my kind of novel - a thriller set in the present and over a few days with twists and turns and interesting information, since I like to educate people as well as give them an adventure story," he says. "...What a kick it was writing it. I liked working with the character a lot. Bond is so versatile. He's edgy, dark and haunted, he does a job that can take him anywhere at a moment's notice. And while he's witty and out-thinks a lot of people, he's also flawed - drinking too much, driving too fast, having inappropriate relationships."

For more from Deaver and Carte Blanche itself, just follow the link.
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New Zealand Herald

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