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Jurassic Park: IDW Comics & Joe Johnston on JP4

While fans await word on whether or not there will be a Jurassic Park IV, IDW Comics has announced a new series of story arcs taking place in the JP universe, beginning with this June's "Jurassic Park: Redemption."
Notes IDW's Chief Operating Officer Greg Goldstein, "I've been a fan of Jurassic Park since we first published it at Topps back in the 90's, and it's exciting to revisit and reinvigorate the property after all these years. There's so much potential for interesting stories, and we have a great team in place to bring them to life."

Things kick off digitally and in print with the five-issue Redemption storyline written by IDW Senior Editor Bob Schreck with interior art by Nate Van Dyke.

"Having been born in the Jurassic Era myself, I just couldn't pass up this opportunity," Schreck explained. "I was raised on a strict diet of Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen movies and adore the Jurassic Park films. I can't begin to convey the thrill of bringing this tale to life with so many old (and new) super-talented friends and fellow dinosaur lovers."

The plotline of Redemption is set some 13 years after the first film, and focuses on John Hammond's grandchildren. Now adults, Lex works at the UN in a continuous struggle to keep people off of the islands populated by dinosaurs (Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna), while her brother Tim takes a different approach in trying to restore Hammond's reputation. takes up thirteen years after the very first Jurassic Park motion picture and finds John Hammond's grandchildren, Tim and Lex Murphy, as well-to-do young adults. While Lex is working with the UN to continue keeping people off of both Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna -- her brother Tim has other ideas about how to get their grandfather's name back in good standing.

Meanwhile, on the movie front, Captain America and Jurassic Park 3 director Joe Johnson had this to say about a potential Jurassic Park 4: "We've certainly talked about it and there's a great story for the fourth one, which would basically start off the next trilogy — if Steven [Spielberg] decided to go that way. It's a great story and completely unlike the first three; all different characters and all different settings. It takes the idea of Jurassic Park and sends it off in a completely new direction. It's very exciting. Are we ready to do it? Is Steven ready to produce it? Is the studio ready to go forward with it? I'm pretty sure a deal could be made — I'd love to do it; it's more what he third one should have been, but in tone it's completely different. We'll see how it goes..."
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