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"The Event" Comes to Comic-Con

NBC's conspiracy thriller "The Event," which stars Jason Ritter and will be debuting this fall, will, according to E! Online's Kristin, have a major Comic-Con presence this year.
In her posting, Kristin details several points about the event surrounding The Event:

"1. NBC's The Event Is Coming to Comic-Con on Saturday, July 24! This is the jaw-droppingly good action thriller I've been already been raving about that just might be the best new series coming out this fall. I know you Lost, 24 and Heroes fans don't want to hear that anything could fill the void, but trust me, despite your best intentions, many of you will get sucked in.

"2. You Get to See It Before Anyone Else: Yes, they will be showing the pilot episode to all you fans at Comic-Con in San Diego. And despite the supersecret covert screening I snuck into a week ago (a fake moustache will work wonders), no one from the press has seen The Event yet. So who knows? Maybe you could get to clue in the TV critics as to whether it's worth their time?

"3. I'll Be Moderating the Panel: And not that it matters or anything, but some other faces you might know will also be there, including stars Jason Ritter, Blair Underwood, Laura Innes, Zeljko Ivanek, Sarah Roemer and Ian Anthony Dale, as well as producers Evan Katz (24), Steve Stark (Medium), Jeffrey Reiner (Friday Night Lights), Nick Wauters (The 4400) and Jim Wong (The X-Files). I know what you're thinking: Couldn't they have found more people who've worked in guilty-pleasure basic cable instead of all those amazing scripted shows?"
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