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Vampirism as Religion?

Austalia's North Shore Times offers up a look at the notion of vampirism as a new form of religion.
Notes the story, "University of Western Sydney Associate Professor Adam Possamai, who specialises in sociology of religion, said the growing number of 'vampires' was an example of hyper-real religions - new faiths that draw on religion, philosophy and popular culture to create their own beliefs. He said people had been interested in vampires since the 1970s, particularly the super-human abilities of vampires.'Some groups developed and have become quite active on the internet,' he said. “The vampire is no longer a monster that needs to be exclusively destroyed, it is now a superman-type of character that people aspire to become to realise their full potential. Dracula has become a modern-day gothic Buddha.”

The explain that the vampires as represented by The Twilight Saga make the notion of vampirism much more attractive, with the undead no longer hanging out in coffins during the day, but, instead, in high school. They no longer seem to be monsters hiding from society.

"Prof Possamai has written Sociology of Religion for Generation X and Y which explores hyper-real religions, including vampirism, Jediism (inspired by Star Wars) and the Church of Satan," the article details.

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North Shore Times

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