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Tom Holland Directs "Born Twice" Music Video

Fright Night and Child's Play director Tom Holland, who also wrote Psycho II and Cloak & Dagger, has directed the music video for Lisa McClowry's "Born Twice," which tapes into themes that he dealt with on Fright Night.
In an interview with Video, Holland related how he got involved with the video.

"David Chackler had been my music supervisor on and off for a long time, as far back as Fright Night. He also did Fatal Beauty and Child’s Play with me. David and I were talking about the explosion of interest in vampires and I said, not thinking much about it, 'how much fun would it be to do dancing vampires.' Just the idea made me giggle. It just seemed like great fun and it integrated into today’s club scene which is all around me, they have redone Hollywood and Vine. The club we ended up using is Josephs, which is a block away and is part of that. So all the sudden David came to me with Lisa and Jimmy Peterik. I told them what I wanted to do, they didn’t quite get it, so I wrote up a 10-page narrative short based around the club scene and vampires.

"Jimmy, when he read it he got it and he changed the words to the song and he also increased it to 120 beats per minute. He gave me in a way the underscore for Vampire’s Dance and at the same time I had written it for Lisa, because he sent me pictures and told me about her and then I heard the album which is much more pop oriented. It was a terrific opportunity, she was wonderful to work with as a singer and a performer but she’s certainly not an actress (laughs), but she was a good sport. I got very, very lucky and got an actress named Danielle Harris and she brought her friend Lisa McCullough and then they brought in a choreographer. Danielle is an actress and Lisa is on General Hospital and they brought in an experienced choreographer named Eddie Garcia (spent 10 years with Michael Jackson) and suddenly I had this cutting edge choreographer, multiple choreographers and dance team. They brought in all of these dancers who were about 21. Suddenly I was in the hot club scene in downtown Hollywood and Vine.

"Everything just sort of fell into place and then I was able to recreate or create a modern vampire’s den in the dance club culture in the middle of Hollywood and Vine. I thought it was just terrific and it was a lot of fun. Everybody was just terrific to work with and sometimes you’re blessed and this is one of them. Lisa was a wonderful sport, the choreographer supported her and made her comfortable too, everything just fell together. It was a terrific experience."

Check out the video below:

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