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The Characters of "V": A Comparative Look

Recently a breakdown of the characters of Scott Peters' new version of "V" made its way to the Internet, offering up an invitation of sorts to compare this new group of characters to those that appeared in the 1983 original.

V-STARTU ERICA EVANS is a 38-year-old single mother with a teenaged son. She’s part of the V - Marc Singer Counter-Terrorism Division of the FBI and is based in Los Angeles. In the midst of a case, her life takes an abrupt turn when the Visitors arrive in motherships that appear over 29 major cities across the globe. Initially she seems to accept the aliens’ claim to be our friends, but ultimately discovers their true agenda and a mind-boggling conspiracy. Erica seems to be modeled somewhat after Marc Singer’s MIKE DONOVAN, a television video journalist who also has a teenage son. Donovan was in the midst of covering a story in Cambodia when the motherships arrive. Among the first group of journalists to board a Visitor spacecraft, it’s Donovan who learns the true reptilian nature of the Visitors and is determined to expose them.

FATHER JACK LOWERY is a 30-year-old Catholic priest who has been saddened by the V - Father Andrew dwindling numbers of his parishioners and although initially hopefully when the masses return to church in the aftermath of the Visitors’ arrival, he grow concerned that they are looking at the aliens as god-like beings. Probably the closest character would be FATHER ANDREW in the second “V” mini-series, The Final Battle. In that scenario, Father Andrew was quite happy about the Visitors and convinced that the eventual birth of a human-Visitor hybrid is the key to bond both their species, and prove that they’re united as one by God.

CHAD DECKER, 28-years-old, is a New York broadcast journalist who will do anything V - Kristine Walsh necessary to get to the top of his profession. Recognizing this, the lead Visitor, Anna, decides to use him as her connection to humanity, with Decker not even realizing he’s being used as a propaganda tool. Jenny Sullivan’s KRISTINE WALSH served this role in both “V” and “V”: The Final Battle.

TYLER EVANS is Erica’s 16-year-old son. Desperate to fit in with his peers, Tyler comes to believe that the Visitors will allow him to do just that. No doubt this character is the modern version of DANIEL BERNSTEIN (David Packer), who became a part of the Visitor Youth Movement and found himself in a V - Daniel Bernstein position of power as he betrayed his family and the rest of humanity.

RYAN NICHOLS is 36-years-old. He’s the boyfriend of Valerie Holt and wants to become engaged to her, though he seems to be keeping a major secret from both Valerie and her daughter, Cassie. Ryan seems original to this incarnation of “V”.

ANNA is 40 years old and is the Visitor leader. A classic manipulator, she has almost everyone believing everything she says. She represents the power of the Visitors and is their most recognizable member, preaching peace and friendship while behind the scenes V - Diana plotting humanity’s downfall.  No doubt that Anna is based on Jane Badler’s DIANA.

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