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The New "V": More Comparative Look at the Characters

In the reimagining of "V" by Scott Peters it was inevitable that the new characters would be somewhat based on or inspired by characters from the original. What follows are a look at several of them.

V-STARTU VALERIE HOLT: She’s a 42-year-old who is a single mother of Cassie, and is dating Ryan Nichols who is about to propose to her. Mother to CASSIE HOLT, 17-years-old.  Neither one seems to have been inspired by characters appearing in “V” or “V”: The Final Battle.

LISA: 18-years-old. She’s a Visitor who serves as a guide aboard the Los Angeles V - Brian mothership. Described as a “flirty girl,” she charms both Tyler and Bryce, enticing both of them to become true believers in the Visitors. From this description, it seems that Lisa is somewhat based on the original Visitor Brian, who was ultimately used by Diana in an experiment to cross-breed Visitors with humans, choosing Robin Maxwell as his target (who would give birth to Elizabeth, the so-called “Star Child”]. Brian was also instrumental on corrupting Daniel Bernstein against his family and friends.

MARCUS: 40-years-old. He is a Visitor who serves as Anna’s second in command. V - Richard Herd John He’s always with her in public and works with her to spread positive propaganda about the Visitors. Marcus seems to have been based somewhat on the Supreme Commander John (Richard Herd). One primary difference is that in the original, Diana was definitely subservient to John – until she decides to kill him at the climax of “V”: The Final Battle.

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