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The Visitors ARE Among Us

In the new "V" it looks like a popular SciFi trend of recent years will be apparent, and if handled as well as it's been in the past it should add a real edge to this version of the concept.

V-STARTU Based on reports from and, it seems that Scott Peters' reimagining of "V" will have a certain commonality with both Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Ron Moore's take on Battlestar Galactica in that there will be a point where suspcions will start to arise that Visitors have infiltrated humanity and you just won't know who to trust. For instance, Erica Evans (who works for the FBI's anti-terrorist division) learns that her partner is a Visitor, and similar instances will occur with other characters and situations. Father Jack, who will help to organize a chapter of an anti-Visitor movement, will also learn of a test that can be done that will determine whether or not someone is human or a reptilian Visitor in human skin.
   On Deep Space Nine, a major story arc dealt with the infiltration of the Changelings, the shape-Odo shifting people of series regular Odo, that nearly triggered an intergalactic war. Blood was used as a means of determining who could or could not be trusted. And, of course, on Battlestar Galactica no one really knew who was a Cylon -- sometimes not even the Cylons themselves.

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