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Scott Wolf Cast as Chad Decker in New "V"

In continuing to play catch up with our other "V"-related site at, this was the original coverage of Scott Wolf being cast.

V - Scott Wolf According to The Hollywood Reporter, actor Scott Wolf has been cast in the role of reporter Chad Decker, who ultimately becomes the media spokesperson for the Visitors. SPOILER ALERT: When introduced in the new pilot, Chad proves himself willing to (quite literally) sleep his way to the top to improve his opportunies as an on-air broadcaster. It's a move that certainly pays off when the Visitors arrive and he is among the first reporters allowed access to the aliens. Anna, leader of the Visitors, takes an immediate liking towards him and almost instantly decides that Decker would represent the perfect media representative for them. Thrilled, Decker's excitement turns to apprehension when Anna makes no secret of the fact that they insist the questions presented to them do not paint them in a bad light. Decker initially fights against this notion, but his ambitions ultimately start to win out over his journalistic integrity.
   Born in 1968, Wolf is likely best known for his portrayal of Bailey Salinger on the series Party of Five. Additionally, he played a doctor on both the WB's Everwood and ABC's The Nine. Film roles include 1994's Double Dragon, 1996's White Squall and The Evening Star, 1999's Go and 2003's Killing Emmett Young. 
   One rumor is that Wolf has actually been cast in the role of "Ryan," but most reports claim his role is that of Decker.

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