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Futon Critic Reviews New "V" Script

Word on Scott Peters' pilot script for the new "V" has been leaking out via online reviewers The Futon Critic was one of the first.

V Earlier today, The Futon Critic reviewed Scott Peters' script for the pilot of the new "V." Following a fairly detailed plot summary, the reviewer opines of the script: "To its credit, Scott Peters' 'V' tries to cover in an hour what the original mini-series had a lot more time to do. Sure the cut corners leave less room for the characters to breathe, but all the old archetypes are there... The show's concept... also remains as powerful as ever, especially when viewed through the lens of present day America, whether it be our current culture of celebrity and quick fixes or a post-9/11 look at terrorism. Obviously the Nazi allegory is still there... but it's nice to see Peters' script is updated with 2009 metaphors and allegories as well... I didn't quite warm up to any of the charcters as you only really get a few scenes to get to know them. Even Erica and Father Jack, the de facto leads of the show, don't seem to get a lot more screen time than the others... Nevertheless it's still an interesting mix of hard to screw up images... clever twists... and chilling moments... all wrapped in an exciting morality play... The bottom line: It looks like 'V' is a thoughtful, well intentioned remake." For the full review, click HERE.

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