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Hey, Were We "V"isited in the '60s?

They came to us requesting our help with their dying civilization. In return, they would provide us with wondrous gifts, including cures to many of the illnesses that plague humanity. Always eager to help, we provided them with assistance, unaware that we were sealing our own doom. For in reality, these alien visitors were using our kindness against us, threatening our very existence.

V - Monster Zero 01Sounds like a plot summary for "V", but in reality the subject at hand is Monster V - Monster Zero 02 Zero, the American title of the 1965 Japanese movie Invasion of Astro-Monster. In that film the help we provided were the giant monsters Godzilla and Rodan, who were brainwashed by the aliens and then returned to earth to help in our conquering. Lesson learned: never trust aliens who are claiming to be our friends and willing to cure our ills in return for a little favor. If it sounds too good to be true....
   Apologies in advance for such a dopey post.

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