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Craig Buck's Re"V"lections, The Final Battle Part 3

Writer Craig Buck, who collaborated with Ken Johnson, Peggy Goldman and Diane Frolov on the original version of "V": The Final Battle, explains that the team was attempting to make budget cuts in their script when Warner Bros. released them from the project.

V - Final Battle Logo"We were going to start making cuts," he explains, "but we were going to do it very delicately; we were going to change sets and pull back special effects and do some creative things with the effects. They just got scared and decided to pull the plug and go with someone who didn't really care about the material. That was the bottom line. We were actually contacted to come back and take over the series at one point when they were tyring to court Kenny and were in big trouble. We all discussed it for about a moment and decided, 'Screm 'em.' If we had taken over the series at that point, they would have handed us so many problems it wouldn't have been worthwhile. If they were our original characters and storylines we could have done something."
V - Daniel Bernstein    One of the most powerful aspects of the original miniseries was the World War II analogy, which was lost in the follow-up. "That's what makes Star Trek and any great science fiction work: people are able to identify with the characters, see themselves in their place and, in turn, understand themselves. Taking it a step further in the case of 'V,' you're not only seeing yourself in that situation, it's seeing your society in that situation. You've seen it before, at least this generation has, in movies, because few of us remember World War II. We've read about it and seen tons of movies. The concept of coming in and making promises to people who are hungry to hear those promises, and then for those people to turn out to have a dark underbelly that only some people can see, so you have people collaborating against other people for the best of reasons in some cases, unless you're Daniel Bernstein."

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