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Some Clarity for the "V" Community

Jace Hall, the head of HDFilms and also the executive producer of the new "V" (the pilot for which is currently shooting in Vancouver)sent this message over to Visitors Among Us.

V-STARTU Greetings to all here.
   I've had the opportunity to read some of the discussion on this site and other sites in regards to the new “V” project that is being worked on and I wanted to take a quick moment to clear a few things up if possible.
   We understand the various skepticism and the concerns being voiced here. We know we are working with a well known and cherished property and I can assure you that there is the highest regard for the material on everyone's part.
   We are all focused on delivering an EPIC pilot and hopefully series!
   I am huge fan of the original 'V' and I know Ken Johnson personally. So please know that whatever I do in regards to 'V' I always do it knowing that I must look Kenny in the eye and own the responsibility for it.
V - Jace Hall    So believe me when I say that we care about this and that we want it to be as satisfying as possible to as many people as it can be. We want it to be meaningful to people and live up to the expectations that are out there as well as our own.
   The reason you are not getting a lot of information from me or Scott or anyone else at this time, is simply because we are focused on the pilot, and from the team's perspective it is not the appropriate moment for us to be discussing the show's details and specifics. The pilot is not done. It is being worked on. When we finish it and actually have a complete work, it will make more sense to discuss what it is we have produced.
   When it is the right time, the information will flow. I promise you that. As a guy from the video games industry, I am very used to a much more open and early dialog with the community on a project so of course it is very hard for me not to talk about the project right now as I am very excited about it and there is a lot to say.
   From what I can tell, most of the information that is out there is from various industry leaks and a lot of it is inaccurate so that makes it even harder to sit by and do nothing to correct it.
V - New Series 01    The quick "V"-logs up on are just fun micro moments that I am making available just to at least have SOMETHING (however little and insignificant they might be) for now just to let you know that the project is indeed moving forward and that things are looking FANTASTIC(although I cant show you that stuff directly at this time...)
   With this "V" log stuff I am trying to slowly acclimatize the "traditional studios and networks involved" to a more organic way to allow “V” fans into what is going on - but I need to seriously baby step the process in order to not cause issues.
   I think the more the “V” fan supports this kind of activity instead of discouraging it, may create more studio and network flexibility to reveal more information over time. I need to show them that spending time with you and communicating with you early is a positive move.
   Basically, I'm trying here. I know that what is being provided is woefully insufficient at this time, but these are the rules that have been established. Things will improve over time with your support should you decide to lend it.
   I understand that there are some of you who ONLY want a Ken J version of "V" - I don't know how to address that other than to say Kenny is working on getting a film made and hopefully he will be able to do so under the terms that make sense for him. I certainly have told Kenny that I support his effort.
   As for the "amateur" comment I'm sorry you feel that way. I am a casual person and I don't have any entitlement issues about my role as Executive Producer. I feel honored to be part of the "V" team, working with Scott and Steve and Yves, and Warner Bros and ABC. I feel lucky and humble to be able to speak to the “V” fans here.
   In any case, we really appreciate your patience, understanding and support.
   Stay tuned on as things evolve.

   Jace Hall

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