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"G" - The "V" Parody Comic Strip is Here!

With word coming next week on whether or not ABC will pick up "V" as a series, the time was right for a spoof of the whole franchise.

"G" follows the events that occur when the Guests arrive, pretending to be our friends, but with ulterior motives that no one suspects -- no one but Media Geek, the pop culture savant who recognizes the sci-fi cliches and is desperate to expose them to the world. But this is made more difficult when the Guests proclaim that "geeks" represent a conspiracy that will derail their good intentions. Undeterred, and recognizing that there would be no comic strip if he didn't take action, Media Geek rallies a team to fight back, among them are Fleischer, the self-proclaimed superhero (in actuality, kind of a dolt), who got his powers when he came across a genie's lamp at a movie memorabila show and makes a wish to "I dunno...sort of, kind of....maybe be....Superman, or somethin' like that"); Roddy, the surfing dude who nobody seems to notice has a simian look, which figures perfectly into his plan to subjugate humanity, if he can stop playing video games long enough to actually formulate that plan; Timmy Tribble, who for many years has been living the Tribble lifestyle of eating, sleeping and reproducing (well, as is often pointed out to him, two out of three ain't bad); Gratuitous Babe, who...well, is a gratuitous babe that doesn't say much, but is easy on the eyes; Eileen, Media Geek's girlfriend who indulges his geekiness, but doesn't hesitate to put him in his place. Then, of course, there's MG himself.

   Media Geek comes from a lifetime of pop culture obsessions which have made him the person he is today -- for good or for bad.It isthese obsessions, combined with an uncanny ability to interact with pop culture figures as well as off-kilter versions of film and TV characters, that may be humanity's only hope. In a society where Paris Hilton and Octomom are considered celebrities, we need all the help we can get!






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