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"V": The Conclusion, Part 1

In the aftermath of the success of the original "V" in 1983, writer/director Kenneth Johnson was asked to develop a sequel, which he did in the form of the six-hour teleplay for what was called "V": The Conclusion, co-written by Peggy Goldman, Craig Buck and Diane Frolov. That script, without Johnson's involvement, ultimately became "V": The Final Battle. What follows, however, is a look at the original take on the material.

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The second draft of "V": The Conclusion, which is dated October 5, 1983, begins four months after the events of "V", opening with an exterior shot of the Los Angeles Mothership. Inside, Mike Donovan manages to free his son Sean from the area where captured humans are being stored as food. As they try and flee, a Visitor fires a blaster at them, at which point Donovan wakes up in bed, obviously from a nightmare. He vents, shares his frustrations over the fact they haven't been able to do much against the Visitors with Julie Parrish, to which she lists their accomplishments.

Picture 4 Later, in Julie's lab, Sancho and a scientist named Cal have developed a theory that the Visitors might be sensitive to certain types of light which are harmless to humans.
"Great," Donovan replies sarcastically, "I'm sure we're going to save the world with flashlights."
"Maybe not," interjects Father Andrew, "but we might lighten things up around here. Anyone ever tell you can be a real downer, Donovan?"

This type of dialogue immediately makes apparent some of the differences between the Father Andrew character Kenneth Johnson envisioned and the one who finally made it to the screen. The impression is of a younger and hipper man, and someone more identifiable by the average viewer.

Donovan is curious if there's been any response on the radio, to which he's told that there hasn't. Father Andrew states that it's just a matter of time before they're able to contact other underground groups. He also notes that the radio telescope is still trying to reach The Alliance, sworn enemies of the Visitors.

Turning towards Stanley and Lynn Bernstein (Daniel's parents), Julie is ecstatic to learn that they've been able to smuggle in some chocolate using Daniel's name. At the same time, she asks them to bring her any safety pins they are able to as her "underwear is about to bite the dust."
Safety pins, like chocolate, have become rare commodities since the Visitors took power. This is really an interesting bit of business as it shows how some of the most basic items in our every day life are taken for granted, and how desperate things can become when our system of supplies is cut off.

Picture 3 Shortly thereafter, Donovan and Julie get into a confrontation over his attitude. She feels that he can't be so self-centered that all he cares about is his son when they are quite literally struggling as a team to save the human race.
In the Resistance schoolroom, Robin Maxwell is attempting to teach her siblings. Her sister, Polly, relates the latest Visitor joke ("Have you heard about the Visitor double feature on TV tonight? Night of the Iguana and How Green Was My Visitor."). Robin is decidedly not amused. Meanwhile, outside a children's hospital, Julie and Elias secretly meet with a doctor named Fred, who informs them that there is going to be a ceremony at which the Visitors are supposed to present the cure for leukemia. Julie feels that this event will be the perfect opportunity to expose what the Visitors really are. Fred is opposed to the plan, feeling that in some ways the aliens are being made scapegoats considering the cures they're offering.

"All they're giving us," Julie counters, "are a few lollipops to keep us happy and quiet while they systematically destroy the human race... If we do nothing, the whole planet is going to be exterminated."
Reluctantly, Fred agrees and plans for a first strike start being formulated.

Picture 5 On the Mothership, we learn that Visitor spokesperson Kristine Walsh has been shaken by an encounter with consumer advocate Corey Walker, who accused her of selling out her own people to work for the aliens. Claiming to be impartial, Kristine had been met with Walker's response, "You're working for a dictatorship, or hadn't you noticed?.. Read some history, lady — you are Goebbels come back to life, the Ministry of Fear wrapped up in designer clothes to seduce the masses. You're just what these intergalactic fascists need to bring us down...and keep us down."

When hearing about this, Diana dismisses it as nothing more than jealousy (though we learn from Fred that Walker had been taken into Visitor custody). Not entirely convinced, Kristine asks why she still hasn't been able to interview the President and is told that it will take place... soon. After the reporter has departed, Diana and John discuss the need to perfect the conversion process before it is utilized on the president.

That evening, Kristine delivers her nightly newscast, reporting that a terrorist attack destroyed the California aqueduct system responsible for carrying water from the Colorado River to all of Southern California. The Visitors, she adds, will work around the clock to repair the system, but until then residents are asked to cut back on their usage of water.
Which conveniently covers up the fact that the water system is gradually being drained. Additionally, it serves as an effective bit of propaganda and a realistic one. A society weak from lack of water and other vital supplies will not pose much of a threat to a superior force attempting to gain control.

Picture 6 In a secluded wooded area, Donovan meets with Visitor Fifth Columnist Martin, and wants to know why it's taking so long to find Sean. Martin replies that there are only a limited number of Fifth Column members, and it's going to take some time. Donovan softens, and expresses his gratitude. What the Visitor needs to speed up the search is a photo of Sean. Donovan, who had lost his wallet in a skirmish, says that he'll obtain a photo somehow.

Martin hands him a book, explaining that it contains mug shots of "terrorists," copies of which have been distributed to the bounty hunters Diana has enlisted from the various prisons. This book, he hopes, will allow Donovan and his people to hook up with other Resistance fighters.

Before they separate, Martin picks up a clump of leaves and studies them gingerly. "My father," he says softly, "used to tell me abut when our planet was green. Before the drought. It was one of his favorite memories. I understand why, now."
"You should have seen this place before," Donovan replies. "It was so beautiful. There were flowers everywhere. When it had enough water. And the noon sun."

Their eyes move upward, to the underbelly of the huge Mothership.

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