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David Richmond-Peck Discusses the New "V"

The "Lizard Lady" Ilana scored an interview with David Richmond-Peck regarding his role of Georgie on the new "V". As the actor reveals, he auditioned for the part of Georgie and it was, as he says, "a tough one." Deep into shooting the prequel to Smokin' Aces, it was an audition he had to push off several times because of scheduling conflicts. He did manage to capture an audition on tape and sent it to director Yves Simoneau.


"I knew immediately that I really wanted to work with Yves," he reveals. "He's an extremely intelligent storyteller and very specific. It was also a great script. Of course, I am extremely pleased. I believe Georgie is a true collaboration of all involved."
When asked if he watched the original "V", Richmond-Peck explains, "I was very young at the time and remember being very frightened. I can't speak specifically abut the new script, but I can say Scott Peters and the rest of the team did a fantastic job. Fans of the original will be very pleased. This is a very well told story and the pilot episode is incredible."
Although he can't say much about Georgie, he does offer, "I loved playing this guy. I suppose one of the first things I do when creating a character is to identify their one passion -- the thing that is their compulsion; the thing they just cannot leave alone. Georgie is one of the most committed, passionate characters I've ever played. After this, I really try to articulate what it is about the character that is broken. In other words, the thing that manages to keep them in similar circumstances episode after episode. In this case, I might suggest that Georgie's passion is both his salvation and his tragic flaw. We'll have to see how things unfold in episodes to come."
For the full interview, please click HERE.
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