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"V" Panel at Comic-Con 2009

There's no denying that "V" was greeted to great acclaim at Comic-Con, the audience seeming ready to embrace the pilot (which was screened twice during the event) as well as the show's cast and producers, particularly as they took to the stage on Saturday July 25th.

V - Morena SDCC    Covering the event, the Hollywood Reporter's THR Feed reported the following: "Saying they didn’t want to mimic the original miniseries, the executive producers of ABC’s upcoming 'V' noted Saturday at Comic-Con that they wanted to pay homage to it instead. Writer Scott Peters said the trick in making 'V' relevant today was to find the show’s 'own voice' and not step on the characters of the mini of 25 years ago. 'We wanted to find new themes that were relevant today,' Peters added.
   "Peters, in a nod to the enthusiastic response to the pilot, which while unfinished was still screened for those inside Ballroom 20, added that people are clearly still excited about the show. 'A lot has happened in the past 25 years,' he said. 'Paranoia, so many bad things … the economy has tanked. It seemed like an interesting time to bring up something that changes us.'
   "Series star Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost) said she was a fan of the original and used to watch the series with her brother. 'I have huge memories of the alien baby,' she said to applause. Co-star Morena Baccarin, who plays Anna, the Visitors’ leader, recalled watching the miniseries with her brother. Meanwhile, Scott Wolf, who trades his journalistic integrity for success, said it was a 'tie' which character was creepier: a cable news journalist or an alien. Peters added that the drama wanted to put its emphasis on different things than the mini did in the ’80s: 'They were a military show, we’re a character/relationship drama set against this (alien invasion). We wanted to see what a businessman or mom would do when faced with something like this.'"
   You can see how the audience did when faced with the people behind "V" by checking out the video below.

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