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Exec Producers' Hopes For "V"

"V" executive producers Scott Peters and Jeffrey Bell preview the new series.

V-promotional-art Jace Hall, who made a name for himself in the areas of video games and online content (including his own The Jace Hall Show, available at, is excited about the new "V", which represents his first foray into television (and on which he serves as an executive producer along with Scott Peters and Jeffrey Bell).

"I really wanted to develop a TV series that would speak to a wide audiences," he explains. "I come from the video game industry, so I made a lot of video games, and we don't watch a lot of TV. It's not that we hate TV, it's just that there hasn't been a lot on there, so I wanted to get involved with something like that. We came to realize that Warner Brothers had 'V', which I'm a huge fan of. Scott [Peters] is, too, and we thought this could be something that could be reimagined and brought back. So we tried to put together what our thoughts were and then we tucked it under our arms and went to Scott and said, 'Dude, you actually can write,' so we described what this vision was and Scott immediately understood it. He really brought it in to be a very character-centric, focused story."
Adding to the scenario, Peters, creator and executive producer of The 4400, notes, "I had just called my agent and said, 'Look, I've been doing the genre my whole career and I'm kind of looking to change it up a little bit, unless something awesome comes along.' He said, 'What about 'V'?' and I said, 'Dammit!'
"I just think this is a great opportunity to bring new fans in, but also to rehook the old fans. We can't hold a gun to anyone's head and say you have to watch this show, and there are people out there who, whenever anything is remade or re-imagined, are just staunchly against it. And that's their opinion. But the hope is to at least get people to sample the show. If you have any doubts about it, take a look, make sure you really do hate it before you say you do. Hopefully you'll come back and watch the whole thing, because we tried to be very respectful to the original. We definitely made the decision not to step on any of the old characters, not to step on any of the old themes. I think that it works beautifully in its own universe and the DVD set is available, so any time you want to watch it, you can. But it wouldn't make a lot of sense to just bring that story forward and replicate it. If we don't bring it into the 9/11 world, don't make it relevant to this audience, don't try to really bring something fresh, it would be a disaster. I mean, it's been over 25 years. But at the heart of it, 'V' had great characters, and we're striving to have the best characters we can have."
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