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"V" Coverage in USA Today

In a new article in USA Today, it's suggested that ABC has a lot riding on the return of "V".
Here are some highlights from the article:

MORENA BACCARIN (ANNA): "In these eight episodes we're setting up the war between the humans and the V's. It's definitely a battle of the two moms."

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER SCOTT ROSENBAUM: "Our goal is to flesh out characters and interconnect those two worlds, so we get momentum and understand how they're going to clash. You'll see different types of V's and see what a V soldier is, while learning why a V is anatomically, psychologically different from humans: Do they have feelings? Do they have emotions? Do they feel love, pain, anger?"

ELIZABETH MITCHELL (ERICA EVANS): "While the population is swooning over the visitors' technology and promises of help, a small band of resistance fighters led by Erica knows the V's are up to no good, [but] we don't stand a chance against the visitors: We are overpowered, outnumbered and underequipped."

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