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Jane Badler on Playing Diana in New "V" has scored the first interview with actress Jane Badler since she's been announced in the role of Anna's mother, Diana, on the new "V".
Here's an excerpt from that interview:

IR: The fans are prepared that your ABC "V" character, Diana, may NOT be the 1980s Diana. How are you going to play the new character differently from the original Diana?

JB: This Diana will, of course, be very different from the old Diana as it has been a long time. I am no longer the young woman who first did V. I am older and wiser and have had many life experiences. Hopefully I will bring all that to the role. Of course there will be a few surprises.

IR: As an actress, are you going to create a backstory in your head for Diana, or is a backstory provided by the "V" team to help create your

JB: Most of the back story has been supplied to me by the writers. Thank goodness as it is a very different show.

IR: What the fans loved most about the 1980s Diana is her cunning, wit, sexuality and lack of human emotion. Are you going to be able to use
sexuality in this new role even if not required? In other words, is everyone going to be your prey even if UNWRITTEN in the script?

JB: Hmmmm. At this point I have only seen one script so I am afraid that is up to the writers. I certainly hope so. It would be a shame not to still have that part of my personality.

IR: What was your very first reaction when you received the inquiry to join "V?"
JB: My first reaction was pure elation and excitement and then the reality set in...leaving home and my family which is always hard. Also, the task ahead feels a bit daunting.

For the rest of the interview, follow the link. Congrats, Ilana!

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