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Tarzan Rebooted in Book Form

It's worked for James Bond and Sherlock Holmes, so why not reboot the Tarzan character and reintroduce him to readers as a teen hero? That's the idea behind a new series of young adult novels being written by Andy Briggs.
With the blessing of the Edgar Rice Burrough estate, these novels -- which will kick off with 2011's Tarzan: The Greystoke Legacy -- are designed to bring the character into the 21st century.

In an interview with the U.K.'s The Guardian, Briggs explained, "I think now more than ever Tarzan is a relevant character. He was the first eco-warrior, and I wanted to hold on to that."

The novel will be set in and around the novel, with Tarzan being 17 or 18 years old. Fourteen-year-old Jane's father is part of an illegal logging expedition, and she ends up getting lost in the jungle.

"The original Jane is a classic character, but she's not a modern woman," said Briggs. "I wanted her to be tough, to be Tarzan's equal. Not physically - she's not jungle savvy - but I wanted her to be a tough kid. She's had a very hard life but she's been brought up with technology – she's part of the Facebook generation, she owns an iPod. But as she goes deeper into the jungle, she sees its beauty.

"I didn't want to steamroll all over classic characters," said Briggs. "I think fans of the original books will be pleased – I'm not just straying off and doing something completely different, it's a nod to the original. It's the same action adventure but with a more modern storyline, and hopefully feels fresh and new."
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The Guardian

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