The appeal of the G%&D@$! Batman

"Occasional Superheroine" votes for All Star Batman as the official Dark Knight.
On a terrific blog site called OCCASIONAL SUPERHEROINE, the titular host comes right out and says that the hero of Frank Miller's and Jim Lee's infamous All-Star Batman & Robin comic series should be the official Bats of the DC Universe.

"Make fun of 'Assbar' all you want," she writes, "but there is no denying the appeal of Frank Miller's 'Goddamn Batman.'"

While the Dark Knight of Miller's acclaimed Year One had his abyssal moments, "'Goddamn Batman' distills every nasty, jerkwad quality of previous 'gritty' Batmen into one spicy bat-enchilada."

Taking a swipe at the much-discussed delays between issues, one of O.S.'s visitors posted that he definitely would purchase the trade paperback collection of "Goddamn Batman" when it's 2010.

Just what IS All-Star Batman & Robin, ask you of the uninitiated masses? Well, Protoclown at Tales from the Longbox states it like this:

"'All Suck Batman and Robin'," as he calls it, "is so unbelievably awful a book, after I read the first issue, I thought there must've been some kind of mistake. Maybe [Miller] was rushed, I thought. Maybe he'd been smoking crack."

All-Star Batman & Robin is published by DC least twice per year.
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