'SUPER' Fan Site Axed

Jim Nolt is feeling pretty powerless since Yahoo! yanked his Superman site without explanation.
It appears that not even Superman can defeat Yahoo.

First, the fan site 'Superman Through the Ages' closed shop, and now an Internet devotion to late Adventures of Superman actor George Reeves has been shut down by Yahoo! without explanation, leaving the moderator, 62-year-old Jim Nolt, feeling like he was exposed to Gold Kryptonite.

"I don't really have any idea what prompted this," the retired teacher told the New York Post's PHILIP MESSING. "There's so much dirt and drivel on the Internet--and I get shut down."

Already known to some devoted Superman TV fans in 1987, Nolt took over publication of the two-issue-old fanzine 'The Adventures Continue', which featured fan-submitted articles on the Adventures of Superman and more. Under Nolt's stewardship, TAC interviewed such notables as Noel Neill, Jack Larson, Robert Shayne, Jane & Pat Ellsworth, Tommy Carr and Chuck Conners. Today, 'The Adventures Continue' is the most recognized website devoted to George Reeves on the Internet.

Nolt even appeared on Unsolved Mysteries in 1995, as an expert on Reeves, to offer his insight into the mysterious circumstances of the actor's tragic death in 1959. (Nolt's opinion: death was accidental, resulting from a heated argument.)

Four years ago, Nolt, an inductee into the George Reeves Hall of Fame, set up a private bulletin board through his Yahoo! e-mail account, in order to pay homage to Reeves. Then, on Oct. 24 of this year, Yahoo! suddenly and unexpectedly canceled the account, only a month after taking Nolt's $19.99 annual renewal fee.

"I just think, in all fairness, they should at least offer a reason why they should be willing to take my money in September, but shut me down without a reason the following month," said the Pennsylvania native.

Yahoo! officials have declined to comment on grounds of privacy.

In the meantime, you can still visit 'The Adventures Continue: A tribute to George Reeves and the cast and crew of the Adventures of Superman' at www.jimnolt.com.

[Thanks to STEVE YOUNIS at Superman Homepage for the link, and to LOU KOZA at glasshousepresents.com for the background info on Mr. Nolt.]
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