Lindsay Lohan plays (not so) super hero

The tabloid obsession takes some bizarre pictures with mortals purporting to be Marvel and DC Comics characters.
There are some odd pics floating about the 'Net of Lindsay Lohan in a photo shoot with some classic superheroes...or rather a group of models/actors attired in the $30 online-shop costumes of Superman and Supergirl (with Supertot?!), Spider-Man (and Spider-baby!), Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and the Hulk.

Lindsay wore a beehive and a series of stylish outfits (plus a Red Riding Hood cape?) for her Hollywood session with the motley crime-fighting assortment on 5th December.

"All I know," commented a writer for The IESB's Cinema Skin, "is that Marvel and DC Comics should sue the photographer or Lindsay Lohan herself."
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