Indiana Jones and the Drunken Co-Star at Walgreens

Apparently, it was a yearning for nicotine and a troublesome zit that got Shia LaBeouf busted for trespassing at a Chicago drugstore last year. This clip from his appearance on Letterman is hilarious!

"I see the security guard and he's looking at me, four in the morning, pretty disheveled, pretty messed up on the special magic sauce. And I get the pimple cream, and he's looking at me, he's kinda giggling to himself, and now I'm starting to feel like, 'What? It's really not that funny, guy, you know? Men need this stuff, too.' "

Unfortunately, upon returning to his hotel, LaBeouf realized he had forgotten to buy cigarettes, so he returned to the store. Where, in his less than clearheaded state, he only managed to purchase some candy.

Check out the video to hear what happened when LaBeouf returned to Walgreens a third time.
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