Siegel House Final Update: Auction Raises $100K

Superman fans raised $100,000 for repairs to the childhood home of the Man of Steel's co-creator, Jerry Siegel.
The month-long online auction to raise funds for fixing up a dilapidated house in Cleveland raised $101,744, more than double the $50,000 goal, the Reuters news service reported.

But it's not just any old house: this is the birthplace of Superman.

Novelist Brad Meltzer organized the auction and called on the famous and talented to donate original artwork and more, so that repairs could be made to the structure where writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster dreamed up the Last Son of Krypton almost 75 years ago.

The extra money will allow the Siegel & Shuster Society to fix up the outside AND the inside of the house that's owned by an elderly couple who haven't enough of their own money for the restoration.
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