Joaquin Phoenix Gets Gruesome for PETA

Joaquin Phoenix Gets Gruesome for PETA
What's up with Joaquin Phoenix? He's surfaced again to further destroy his career by doing volatile PSA's--and now a sickening video for PETA! Take a look, but be warned.
Joaquin Phoenix is continuing apace his battle to transform himself from bearded rapping punch line to rebel with a cause. Make that two causes.

After briefly reemerging from his self-imposed exile earlier this year to make a suicide-prevention PSA, the animal-loving actor has popped up once more, this time appearing in a super (really) graphic (not kidding) PSA for PETA.

Phoenix is backing the group's efforts to raise awareness of the cruelty behind the exotic-skins industry, narrating a video showing snakes, alligators and other reptiles being hammered to death, skinned alive, nailed to trees, decapitated and getting their still-beating hearts removed in the name of fashion.

"Exotic animals are mostly unknown to us," Phoenix says. "And so is what they suffer before being turned into belts and bags…You can help stop the suffering. Anything you have that is made from animal skins can be made without. On behalf of PETA and myself, thank you."

You can watch the graphic video here. But fair warning: We're not Kanye West, and when we use caps, it's for a reason. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

Cold-Blooded Horrors:
Inside the Exotic-Skins Trade.
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