New Sci Fi Novel Spans British History & Pop Culture

In End of the Century, Chris Roberson connects King Arthur, Alice in Wonderland, David Bowie, Jack the Ripper, swords and physics.
The first opens in a fifth-century Britain devastated by the Roman exodus and Saxon invasion. Galaad, a young man plagued by visions, persuades King Artor and his warriors to embark on a search for the glass tower of the visions. The companions find that, and a mysterious White Lady in need of rescue. But their attempt goes bizarrely awry.

In Victorian London, brilliant investigator Sandford Blank and his unofficial assistant, Miss Roxanne Bonaventure, investigate a series of brutal murders which baffle the local constabulary. Strange red-eared white hounds accompany a corpse-pale man associated with the murder scenes. And solving the murders may require finding the long-lost Holy Grail. The solution might be beyond even Blank and Bonaventure, were he not secretly in service to the mysterious entity known as Omega, and she not possessed of her own secret skill.

In the new Millennium, Texas teenager Alice Fell follows her visions to London. She seeks an impossibly shrinking gem, and finds herself pursued by red-eared white hounds and trapped in a strange glass tower. Now her only hope of rescue may be primitive Romano-British warriors and her own ingenuity.
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