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Bamf7 Reviews "The Last Song"

I know....I know....but hear me out...Oh, and yes, spoilers are ahead.
First off you have to know that my family is FULL of it was only natural that over Spring Break I would get dragged along to this afternoon at the movies. That being said, here is the review:

For anybody who has EVER seen a Nicholas Sparks movie, it will come as no surprise that this film includes someone falling in love, and someone dying. Nicholas Sparks has never been ashamed to purposely use death to force you to feel for characters in his stories, and he's certainly not about to start now.

What was most interesting to me, was seeing Disney try so hard to force you to see Miley Cyrus as anything other than Hannah Montana. Or perhaps even more so, to help change your idea of her to a sweet, stand up girl. Of course, with all the pole dancing, making creepy poses in magazines with her dad, and questionable pictures on the internet it will probably take a little more than one movie to change my view of her, but hey it's a start.

Disney Studios did a decent job with "The Last Song" and it didn't hurt to bring in bigger names like Greg Kinnear and Kelly Preston, who play the parents to Miley's character, Ronnie.

The plot is that Ronnie and her little brother, played by Bobby Coleman, are sent to visit their dad for the summer. Ronnie is bitter and emotionally closed off following her parents' divorce, and has decided that despite being exceptionally gifted at playing the piano she will not pursue any further education for it past high school. You can pretty much figure out the rest from there. She meets a boy while there named Will (Liam Hemsworth), and slowly learns to open up. It should be noted, also, that Liam does a fantastic job of hiding his Australian accent. I wonder if Sam Worthington would ever consider hiring him for lessons?

But back to the review: Over time, Ronnie opens up to Will, and even opens up to her dad just in time for him to collapse and be hospitalized. She finds that he is dying of cancer, but had hidden this fact since he didn't want it to ruin what he knew would be his last summer with his children. Their relationship is redeemed, she finishes his last song he was writing (hence the film's title), and realizes she should stop pushing Will away.

Honestly Miley does a pretty decent job in this film, but supposedly Nicholas Sparks wrote both the book AND screenplay with her in mind, so that's not surprising. While she did carry the role well, it wasn't a huge stretch from what she's done before. I mean, Eminem did well in 8 Mile, but how hard was it for him to play a struggling white rapper from Detroit?

I would give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars, but only recommend it if you enjoy movies of that genre. Again, it's a Nicholas Sparks film. So if you've seen "Message in a Bottle", "A Walk To Remember", "The Notebook", or any of his other films, you pretty much know how it goes.

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