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According to "Watch With Kristin" over at E! Online, there are rumblings that ABC may be interested in rebooting JJ Abrams' Alias (though likely without Abrams, who's off doing Undercovers for NBC).
EdGross - 5/27/2010

Should we have expected anything else?
Bamf7 - 4/30/2010

Well, I'm not gonna tell you HERE! Click the article!
Bamf7 - 4/9/2010

With its second season unfolding each Friday night on Syfy, the British series Merlin is improving with each episode. Earths Mightiest caught up with actress Angel Coulby who portrays Guinevere, the future Queen.
EdGross - 4/9/2010

In a brief interview, SGU executive producer/co-creator Brad Wright discusses the evolution of the series and gives a hint in regards to what fans can expect for the rest of the season.
EdGross - 4/8/2010

What an episode brotha! Desmond is back, and he's at his old time/reality/universe hopping best...
Cassidy - 4/7/2010

Interview with FHM reveals his true feelings about the Transformers blockbuster!
Bamf7 - 4/6/2010

But...what exactly does that mean?
Bamf7 - 4/2/2010

The BBC's Merlin makes its second season debut on the Syfy Channel on April 2nd, and Earths Mightiest has interviews with the entire cast.
EdGross - 4/2/2010

Vin Diesel and Sam Jackson WILL return!
Bamf7 - 4/2/2010

How does the upcoming movie stand up against the classic TV show?
Bamf7 - 4/2/2010

In an interview with Ontario's Sudbury Star, actress Stana Katic answered a few questions about Castle and her character on the series, Detective Kate Beckett.
EdGross - 4/1/2010

Sebastian Stan may have been cast as Bucky! Read on for more info...
Bamf7 - 4/1/2010

Red Kryptonite! And Metallo....saves the day?
Bamf7 - 4/1/2010

"V" returned to ABC last night and while it won its timeslot, the ratings weren't exactly stellar.
EdGross - 3/31/2010