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Alias 2.0?

According to "Watch With Kristin" over at E! Online, there are rumblings that ABC may be interested in rebooting JJ Abrams' Alias (though likely without Abrams, who's off doing Undercovers for NBC).
Writes Kristin, "... It's only very initial talk at this point, but I'm told that the development folks over at the Alphabet network are considering doing a new version of Alias that would borrow some elements of the original series that starred Jennifer Garner. But the series would most likely not include any sort of complex mythological throughline such as the Rambaldi prophecy (a storyline that lost some of the fans). According to this source, ABC is hoping to hold onto its lost Lost audience with a re-envisioned J.J. Abrams series, in light of FlashForward not working out so well. (It was canceled last week.)"

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