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New Smallville Photos Released - The Return of Metallo!

Red Kryptonite! And Metallo....saves the day?
Warning! There are a few minor spoilers for Smallville ahead!

If you're like me, and you have been a longtime fan of Smallville, then surely you have been pleased with this season! Unlike last season where they attempted some storylines that are a bit difficult to play out on a TV setting, (ahem, Doomsday, ahem), this time they have done a great job developing Zod's character! Granted, the accent might be a bit much, but at least it's not Sam Worthington! Anyways, I digress...

One of the highlights of the season was definitely the appearance of Metallo, played by Brian Austin Green. He will make his return in an upcoming episode titled, "Upgrade". 26 new images have just been released from the April 16th episode, which includes a fully powered Zod that convinces Clark, (while hopped up on red kryptonite), to take him to the Fortress! So who does Chloe call in to save the day and stop Clark from revealing all his secrets? You guessed it, Metallo. Should be interesting! Either way, here's a few of the pics you can check out for yourself!

So what do you guys think? I know they are going to end Smallville at Season 10, and I have really enjoyed the build up during Season 9. Is it just wishful thinking on my part, or did Smallville finally get it's act together again?
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