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Shrek Gets A Little Naughty?

Recent magazine appearance of "Shrek" characters leaves a lot of people confused...(not joking...)
Well, no doubt there are many excited about the fourth movie in the "Shrek" franchise, but in a surprising move to promote the movie, several of the film's characters appear in a photo shoot with heavy sexual themes in a men's fashion magazine, "VMan". Apparently after the pics were released, insiders from Dreamworks tell Fox News that they regret that the studio gave it's permission for this.

"Shrek: Forever After" will still undoubtedly make a lot of money. I can't seem to think of a lot of kids that would be reading "VMan". Still, I've gotta say...this whole story seems so bizarre to me. Clearly the Shrek movies are supposed to mostly appeal to women, with a few adult jokes hidden, but I don't see how this agreement would benefit either VMan, or the Shrek franchise.

In response to the racy photos, the unnamed insiders from Dreamworks stated to Fox that, "In hindsight the studio would have declined to have the characters participate."

"Shrek: Forever After" will be in theaters on May 21. It does weird me out a bit, but just so you can judge for yourself, I've included a few of them below!

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