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House Party and Real Genius To Be Remade!

The question is...why?
Further confirmation that Hollywood is running out of creativity is here! Pajiba reports that Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment and Columbia Pictures are remaking a comedy from 1985 titled "Real Genius". In case you don't remember, it starred Val Kilmer as a kid genius. Yeah.

But wait! There's more!

Pajiba also reports that Brett Ratner's "Rat Entertainment" will be remaking the 1990 cult favorite, "House Party". I think pretty much everyone has seen this movie, but if you haven''s about a HOUSE PARTY. Not huge on plot. But it did star Kid N Play, a rap duo famous from the 80s and early 90s. Mostly everyone has seen that crazy hair or remembers the dance named after Kid N Play.

My thing is...this movie was made FOR Kid N Play. Who would replace their characters? And if their characters won't be in it, then WHY? Then again, maybe I'm just bitter about Jackie Chan being in the new Karate Kid movies...

For those that don't remember, here is the dance:
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