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Real American Heroes on the Big Screen?

New G.I. Joe script promises lots of ninja action!
There are scant few official details available at this time, but IESB recently reported that Stuart Beattie, writer of Pirates of the Caribbean, Collateral and the upcoming Spy Hunter, has recently turned in a first-draft of the script, to be filmed by Stephen Sommers, director of The Mummy Returns and Van Helsing.

According to the report, which cites a “reliable studio source,” the story will focus on the tangled relationship between popular ninjas Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. The Joes will face down popular Cobra villains Destro, the Baronness and Cobra Commander, though only in a limited role, as well as the chameleon Zartan and his gang, the Dreadnoks.

There is no official release date set for this film at this time.
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Brent Sprecher

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