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REVIEW: Kick-Ass: Creating the Comic, Making the Movie

Whether you're already a fan of the Kick-Ass comic book or you're just planning on checking out the movie, this is one companion piece that is worth the purchase price!

I can't recall the last time I read a "making of" or "behind the scenes of" companion piece to a movie that was as interesting and thoroughly satisfying as Kick-Ass: Creating the Comic, Making the Movie from Titan Books. As such, I felt that I had to spread the word about this awesome little gem that anyone—whether a die-hard fan of the comic book or someone new to Kick-Ass—who is planning on seeing the movie would do well to pick up.

One of the best things about the book is that it wasn't written by some third parties who happen to know how to write a "making of" movie book. Creator Mark Millar provides the commentary himself, offering a candid look at the process of turning his comic book into a major motion picture, going all of the way back to his childhood when he was the teenager who dreamed of fighting crime the way Dave "Kick-Ass" Lizewski eventually does.

Intro by Mark Millar:

"Kick-Ass is the most fun I've ever had in my professional career. It's just been the most bizarre and amazing journey. First, the comic came out and outsold Spider-Man from issue one and then just a few months later the movie starting shooting with the cream of British and American talent. Having this companion book chronicling how it moved from my little lined pad to a huge Hollywood movie is a brilliant idea. It's proof for me that I haven't been bumped on the head and am imagining all this. The movie, I think, is going to redefine superhero movies in the same way Pulp Fiction redefined crime movies. Suddenly, all the other stuff just looks old. I get goosebumps every time I watch the rushes. We've stumbled onto something pretty special here and pretty much every note, thought or drawing we've ever put together on Kick-Ass can be found in this beautiful book."

I know, I know, we're in a recession. Money's tight. I feel you. But, that's why I'm recommending this book; you'll get your money's worth!

For under $20, you get:

• A glossy square-bound coffee table paperback with over 170 high-quality, full bleed color pages.
• Photos from the set.
• Concept art from the comic book artist who first brought the characters to life, John Romita, Jr..
• Comic-to-storyboard comparisons.
• Comic and movie script excerpts.
• A bunch of nearly-indecipherable-but-interesting doodles and notes from creator Mark Millar's notebook.
• Other cool oddities like the Kick-Ass wrap party invitation.

There's some brief nudity and some other adult content, so this book, like the movie, is for adults only!

5 Kick-Asses out of 5!


Unfortunately, I'm unable to publish more of the incredible content of the book than what has been officially released, but since this "flip-through" has been on YouTube for some time, check it out to see what's in store for you:

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Brent Sprecher

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