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New Star Trek Movie Details

SPOILER WARNING! Details about the new Star Trek movie plot inside!
In the original television episode, Bones (DeForest Kelley) causes problems in the present by screwing with the past and it’s up to Kirk (William Shatner) and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) to set things right. From Wikipedia:

On stardate 3134.0, the Enterprise investigates temporal disturbances centered on a nearby planet. During the investigation, Dr. McCoy accidentally injects himself with an overdose of a drug, causing him to become violently paranoid. Delusional, Doctor McCoy flees from the bridge and beams down to the planet.

Captain Kirk forms a landing party made up of two security guards, himself, Spock, Scotty, and Uhura. Spock finds that the source of the time distortions is an ancient ring of a glowing, stone-like material. The ring speaks and identifies itself as the "Guardian of Forever", explaining that it is a doorway to any time and place — with periods of history displayed in the opening. The team soon locates McCoy; however, he runs away and leaps through the portal before anyone can stop him. Suddenly, everything seems to shift and the landing party loses contact with the Enterprise. The Guardian then informs the landing party that history has just been altered and the Enterprise has disappeared because the time line change has erased it from existence.

Kirk believes that McCoy somehow altered the past, erasing the history that they knew. Kirk asks the Guardian to loop the history images again and he and Spock get ready to jump through to a time just before McCoy entered in an attempt to undo what he has done.

The final words of the Guardian seem to predict future use of this concept: "Many such journeys are possible. Let me be your gateway."


In J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek, the gateway is discovered by the Romulans, who wish to use it to change their present by altering the past. The Romulan commander Nero (Eric Bana) orchestrates an attack to kill the largest threat to the Romulan empire: James T. Kirk (Chris Pine).

Spock (Nimoy) learns of Nero’s plan and travels back in time to help his friend and to protect the future. ''Future Spock'' meets ''Past Spock'' (Zachary Quinto) and the two team up to save the timeline from disaster.

IESB claims two confidential sources as having confirmed the plot as true.

Star Trek XI is slated for a December 2008 release.

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