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DRAGONBALL Set Pics and a Word From James Marsters

James Marsters of Buffy and Angel fame claims he is “hungry” for his role in Stephen Chow’s Dragonball film. Check out some candid shots from the set and a link to more Dragonball madness!
However, with direction by James Wong (The One, Final Destination 3) and the added star power of award-winning actor Chow Yun Fat (The Killer, Hard Boiled), the still-in-production film has many disbelievers raising an eyebrow.

It’s not surprising that fans were skeptical when even the actors involved with the project were trepidatious. James Marsters (“Spike” on Buffy and Angel), who plays the evil warrior Piccolo, posted this comment on his Website,

I'm not really allowed to talk about any of the movie details, but I can say that James Wong is obviously a gifted and insightful director! When I got the role I had doubts. The more I live with it I realize that I am going to rock this harder than I have anything in my life – I’m hungry for it.

The film also stars Justin Chatwin as Goku and Emmy Rossum (Poseidon) as Bulma

Dragonball is scheduled to be released August 15, 2008.

For more pics from the set of Dragonball, click HERE!

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