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Selma Blair spills the beans about her character’s relationship with Hellboy, and the possibility of a third Hellboy film.
When asked in a recent interview if she thought she would ever play Liz Sherman again, Blair replied:

Did I ever think I'd be doing this again? I hoped I would. God, after El Jefe, after Guillermo, I'm going to sound thick as a plank, because he really manages you guys so well. But I hoped I'd be playing Liz. The first one was such an introduction to the story of Hellboy that I always thought the meat would be in the second and third, at least for Liz, because in the first one she was afraid to take a step. She was completely a zombie, not wanting to own up to her power and having the memory of what she'd created in her life. So yeah, I was really eager to come and play Liz with a little more vibrancy.

Hellboy was little more than a shoulder for Liz Sherman to cry on in the first film, but they’re an item in The Golden Army. Channeling Liz Sherman, Blair stated:

…it's difficult living with someone, especially a guy that takes up as much room as Hellboy, with as many cats as Hellboy has. So no, we are very happily together, but there's trouble with spending so much time with someone you love, after you're used to being alone and having your way. Now I use my power a little more in this one, so between my fire and his sloppy little boy behavior, we're a mess. A lovable mess.

And, when asked if there would be a third Hellboy film, Blair admitted that she had spoken with Guillermo del Toro about it:

Yeah, I mean, he has shared it with me. I'm just praying that he'll do it. I mean, I'm praying the third one will come, because for me that would be the strongest one for my character. So selfishly I want that. But I also think the story of the third one will be so haunting and just such a major story that I think it would be such a shame to cheat it and just end with the second. So I hope the third one is made, but I know it's been exhausting.

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Hellboy, published by Dark Horse Comics, chronicles the adventures of a demon child brought to earth by Nazi occultists who was rescued by Allied forces and raised by the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD). As an adult, Hellboy is the primary agent of the BPRD and combats supernatural threats around the world.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army opens July 11, 2008.

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