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Chassis Jumps From Image to Bluewater Comics

Zoot suit robots, high-flying gangsters and rocket car racing burst onto the scene at Bluewater Comics, home of The 10th Muse and the popular Ray Harryhausen Presents line of comics.
Chassis will be written by co-creator William O’Neill and drawn by up and coming French Artist Juan Chavarriga.

"We welcome Chassis to the Bluewater family with open arms.” Says Darren G. Davis, President of Bluewater Productions. "I have been a fan of this title from the beginning and have always wanted to be a part of it and this is the perfect time for both Hurricane and Bluewater.”

Chassis features a time where science advanced at an amazing pace. New technology meshed with the past bringing with it zoot suit robots, jet pack gang bangers, art deco skylines, and rocket car racing!

Rocket car racing, also known as the Aero-run is the world's most popular sport. It's a high stakes spectacle of speed and peril where flying rocket cars race at brake-neck speeds around hairpin turns and gut wrenching drops. Its drivers are legendary, but the money and power behind the sport is deeply corrupt. Chassis, the 17-year-old daughter of Charles Foster McBain, one of the Aero-run founders, desperately wants to be a rocket racer but her father won't allow it. Partly due to the dangers of the sport, but mostly because of the nefarious gangsters and corporate thugs who control it. So the brash young girl, with the help of her robotic mechanic and best friend, SLIC, devises a plan to enter the race under an alias in hopes to prove to her father she's up to the challenge. But Chassis' daring decision only leads to more danger for her, her friends, and her father!

Hurricane Entertainment's CEO Jan Utstein-O'Neill says, "William and I are thrilled to have Chassis rocket on over to Bluewater Productions. We've watched Darren Davis' Bluewater grow into a burgeoning premiere company. With his eye for quality and story, as seen in his new line of books, we feel this is a perfect place to re-launch of our flagship title."

"Even though this will be the first time that Bluewater has taken on a Hurricane Property it feels like a family reunion. We've known Darren Davis since his days at WildStorm. Even back then Darren was a fan and a staunch supporter of our red headed racer. He went out of his way to help us land our very first big Studio DVD advertisement, a really big deal for Chassis when she was but a small indie book. And just a few short years later both Chassis and The 10th Muse premiered as Image Comics' titles."

William O’Neill adds, "Now that our friend Darren has his own successful publishing house, I can't think of anyone who would be better suited to publish Chassis."

"It's been a few years since we've released a new Chassis story, so I thought this would be a golden opportunity to reboot the series and start fresh. One of the more exciting changes for me is the new rocket car designs. The new cars will be based on concept art done exclusively for Hurricane by Star Wars, Episode III Art director and illustrator Ryan Church."

"With this re-lunch, I'm looking forward to introducing Chassis to new readers as well as entertain our long time fans."

Chassis is a Hurricane Entertainment property, co-created by William O’Neill and Darryl Taylor.

Bluewater Productions is a creative studio founded in 2004 by Darren G. Davis, creator of such popular characters as The 10th Muse, Isis, VSS And Judo Girl!, as well as publisher of the Ray Harryhausen Presents series. Bluewater Productions has published with Image Comics, Alias Enterprises and Arcana Studios.

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