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Bluewater Comics and Artist Alan Brooks Team Up for Ret Romanne

Acclaimed novel and album cover artist Alan Brooks gives us a look at UNtopia.

The story:
Ret Romanne is from the Off World Base of Untopia, a world of surveillance cameras, monitoring and investigation under the eyes of “Destinies Designed Corporation.” Pat Riot, Operations Manager at the Corporation may have something to do with Ret's demise as a succesful test pilot and his being the partner of Glenda. Ret thinks so. Glenda was once a starlet in the making, but now works in the Diner at the end of the road where Ret lives. The couple fell apart after the crash, and anyway Ret's body literally still burns to this day.

"There is also a nod to the things I was fond of when discovering the whole sci fi movement.” Says creator Alan Brooks. "My fondness for B movies and steam punk, special effects and the classics I watched as a kid. I have tried to mix all of these into the story and visuals for this series. I am excited to deliver a tale that I believe makes all other time travel adventures look out of date!” Brooks continues, " Well, for those who haven't noticed that it's a play on words. Ret's first name coupled with the Romanne last name is a thinly disguised veil to hide behind which simply means 'Retroman'. It is about looking a little deeper into things. It's about the search for what is really going on behind the scenes in the UNtopian off World base where Ret lives."

Brooks who is also famous for creating novel covers for various publishers as Penguin Books and Roc. His portfolio also includes doing albums covers for Universal Music. Brooks says, "I am used to working for publishers and recording companies supplying artworks for book jackets and cd's etc. I have tried to employ the same standards and methods to the whole comic book genre."

Ret Romanne #1 is in stores in August 2008.

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Bluewater Productions is a creative studio founded in 2004 by Darren G. Davis, creator of such popular characters as The 10th Muse, Isis, VSS And Judo Girl!, as well as publisher of the Ray Harryhausen Presents series. Bluewater Productions has published with Image Comics, Alias Enterprises and Arcana Studios.

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