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Anton Yelchin Finds His Inner "Angry Young Man"

Anton Yelchin, star of the upcoming STAR TREK relaunch, talks about portraying Reece in his other upcoming relaunch, TERMINATOR SALVATION.
Russian by birth, Yelchin is a natural to fill the role of Pavel Chekov, the upbeat young Russian crew member aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise in the Star Trek relaunch. However, with little action picture experience behind him, how will Yelchin fare as the once-and-future super-soldier Reese (brilliantly played by Michael Biehn in the original Terminator) in Terminator Salvation? When asked what he hopes to bring to the role, Yelchin said:

"He's going through the normal teenage stages of being a young man, but he's going through them in a post-apocalyptic environment, being followed around by Terminators who are trying to kill him. So, taking that approach, what are the issues he's dealing with? Where can I show the hero? Where can I show the vulnerable person? The angry young man? Incorporating all of these elements really allows you to create the kind of character that hopefully is very interesting to watch and is just as likable as the original."

Star Trek opens May 8th, and Terminator Salvation opens May 22nd!

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