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3-D Effects in Pixar's Up Are Subtle

Prior films in 3-D have met with limited success, but Pixar hopes to change that with UP.
Pixar, the Academy award-winning digital animation studio behind such colossal hits as Toy Story, The Incredibles Ratatouille and WALL-E, debuts Up this Friday, its first film presented in Disney Digital 3-D. 3-D films have not had a very impressive track record, but director Pete Doctor (Monsters Inc.), hopes that subtler 3-D effects
in Up will keep the audience engaged:

"We tried to learn from all the films that had come before us and what makes it work. The things that were important to me as a director was not to distract people with 3D. You don’t want to pop them out of the movie by going 'ooga-booga.' We basically said, 'Okay, the screen is like a window and you can see into it but let’s not bring too many things out.' That adds a certain sense of depth and I think, for a lot of people, they feel more transported into that world. Hopefully, it’s not distracting to the point of popping you out of the film and it’s a more immersive experience."

Up tells the tale of Carl Fredricksen (voiced by Ed Asner), a grumpy retired balloon seller who ties balloons to his house and sails off for South America. Russell (Jordan Nagai), an 8-year-old Wilderness Explorer scout, accidentally stows away with Carl and the two opposites encounter thrills and adventures in the Venezuelan jungle.

Up opens Friday, May 29th!

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